Publication: The Banda Islands Anthology

A short article featuring some of my photo’s and research ideas have been published in “The Banda Islands: Hidden Histories & Miracles of Nature”. This book also includes work and excerpts of artists and writers that have likewise been enchanted with the Banda Islands, including: Giles Milton, Beatrice Glow, Phillip Winn, Hanafi, Des Alwi and many more.



International Workshop

On Wednesday March 15, I organized an international workshop at the Rijksmuseum with the support of the Rijksmuseum, Menno Witteveen and the Office for Global Advancement and International Affairs at Rutgers University.

During this workshop, Yunus Arbi (head World Heritage of the Republic of Indonesia), Archer St.Clair-Harvey (professor in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies at Rutgers University) and Emile Grotenbreg (Colonial architecture expert) presented alongside me about the central theme of the Banda Islands.

Paula Hendrikx from the Geschiedenis Magazine wrote a wonderful article about this gathering, which can be read here: Geschiedenis Magazine (Dutch).

Banda Workshop programma.jpg